Welcome to Achim, 

Achim is a Baltimore-wide learning network which seeks to engage families in Jewish learning through strong personal relationships and engaging programming.
To that end, Achim seeks to bring the Jewish population  together to form a community that shares a common appreciation for the beauty of Jewish learning. 
At Achim, we believe that building strong and enduring relationships is the way to build a healthy supportive community. Through innovative and exciting classes, individualized study sessions, community-wide learning projects, Shabbat hospitality, and popular community dinners, we will build an environment where the members feel they belong to the community and the community belongs to them.
Whatever age or background, all Jews  can find a welcome home at Achim, where the beauty, sophistication and relevance of Torah tradition is introduced with eloquence, humor and passion.
Please consider joining one of our programs. We are confident that you will find it a meaningful experience.

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