The Brisker Rav’s father-in-law R. Dovid Mintz, contributed a substantial sum to the dowry of the young couple. Along with this gift, The Brisker Rav received a number of valuable sefarim, including an original copy of the Shulchan Aruch, published in the lifetime of the author, and other ancient manuscripts of great monetary value. Apart from this, another man, R. Meshulam Auerbach signed over ownership of an apartment building in Warsaw to The Brisker Rav so that he would be able to live off the income generated by renting the apartments. But all this wealth was lost: The tenants of the apartment building in Warsaw were pious Jews who were very poor. These people did not have the money to pay city taxes, and over the years their debt to the city had accumulated to a very large sum. Finally, the government submitted a request to the owner of the building, The Brisker Rav, to reveal the names of his tenants, but he would not do so, flatly refusing to turn over the money of his fellow Jews to the government. As a result, possession of the building was taken in lieu of the back taxes. The dowry money, too, was lost in a bitter episode, and so all the wealth was gone. During the period when he lost the apart- ment building, The Brisker Rav spent much time study- ing “Sha’ar Habitachon” in the sefer Chovos HaLeva- vos. He remarked then, the world thinks that a wealthy man is someone with a block of apartments in Warsaw but the truth is that a rich man is someone who has Sha’ar Habitachon in Chovos HaLevavos! From The Brisker Rav, By R’ Shimon Yosef Meller, Published By Feldheim  page 130