Meet the Team

Rabbi Pesach Diskind, Director and Founder

Rabbi Pesach Diskind has been working with the Russian speaking community since 1989. He is an inspiring educator, and community builder. But Rabbi Diskind's true claim to fame is that he is simply a friend. Indeed, he is truly beloved by thousands of Jews in the Baltimore area.

Rabbi Yitzi Weiner, Co-Director

A dynamic, stimulating and experienced Jewish educator, teacher and orator, Rabbi Yitzi Weiner entertains, engages and challenges his audiences and learning partners with warmth, humor, and boundless enthusiasm. Author of three books that elucidate aspects of Torah thought and knowledge, Rabbi Yitzi is quickly gaining renown as an innovative and dedicated Torah resource for Baltimore and beyond. With patience, utmost care, and thought-provoking discussions, Rabbi Yitzi facilitates the spiritual growth of individuals, families and communities, meeting people at whatever level they are comfortable with. His teaching methods and models of Jewish unity building have attracted attention from around the world. In addition to teaching, facilitating, and organizing events that bring together the entire community, Rabbi Yitzi has become adept at harnessing the power of technology (weekly videos, interactive video classes) to offer further opportunities for in-depth sophisticated learning. Tireless in his devotion to the Baltimore community, Rabbi Yitzi will come to any synagogue, school, office, or group to teach, lecture or facilitate inspiring Torah encounters on such topics as business ethics, Talmud, the inner meanings of prayer, contemporary Jewish law, marriage and parenting skills, and Torah and science. Be warned: his love and enthusiasm for Torah is infectious. He looks forward to hearing from you.

Mrs. Yehudis Feldstein, Head of School

Mrs. Yehudis Feldstein is an experienced educator of Jewish children. She currently teaches middle and high school math and has taught Judaic studies for several years as well. She has also been active in several learning programs outside of the classroom, including serving as director of a Jewish Individualized Learning Program in New York. Along with her expertise and warmth, she brings to Sheves Achim her deep enjoyment of working with children, allowing each student the the opportunity to develop and grow in a both caring and exciting atmosphere.

Dr. Michoel Keidar, Lecturer

Dr. Michael Keisdar is professor at Washington University and a renowned expert in Nanotechnology and Aerospace engineering. With his inquisitive mind and extensive scientific background, he helps to uncover the deep messages contained in the weekly Torah portion.

Rabbi Yosef Binyaminof, Lecturer

Rabbi Yosef Binyaminof is the Director of Lev Hatorah and a beloved teacher and friend to many in the Achim Community. His mixture of passion, warmth, and wisdom, has made him an invaluable member of the Achim Team.

Rabbi Yisrael Motzen, Guest Lecturer

Rabbi Yisrael “Sruli” Motzen is the rabbi Of Ner Tamid. He attended Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh and is a graduate of Ner Israel Rabbinic College. Rabbi Motzen earned a Master’s of Science in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. Rabbi Motzen became the rabbi of the synagogue in 2012, only the third rabbi to serve the congregation since 1961, when the synagogue opened at its present location. Since joining the synagogue, he has introduced numerous Torah classes, youth programs, special events, and holiday programs. Join him on Shabbat for his increasingly popular sermons, which emphasize a positive and upbeat approach to Judaism. Make sure to attend his engaging Shabbat afternoon classes. The Rabbi and his Rebbetzin have three children – Tehila, Shlomo, and Shira.

Rabbi Aaron Tendler, Guest Lecturer

Rabbi Aaron Tendler is a faculty member of Ner Israel Rabbinical College and Rabbi of the Owings Mills Torah Center. He is also the manager of a successful local small business.

Rabbi Yisrael Gelber, Guest Lecturer

Rabbi Gelber has been a teaching rabbi for more than 15 years. He was the founder and director of Etz Chaim Owings Mills for many years. Rabbi Gelber's Torah talks have inspired hundreds of Jews across the Baltimore community.