In advance of Pesach each year, Rav Avraham Pam joined a distinguished group of Torah Vodaath alumni in overseeing the baking of the matzos which they would use for the Seder. One year, a new bakery opened which employed a number of hiddurim (halachic stringencies) in the baking process. Some members of the group thought that it would be an excellent idea to use the new bakery for their baking. They presented the suggestion to Rav Pain who said, “just as there is a mitzvah to be mehader (make use of stringencies) in the matzos, so too, is it a mitzvah to be mehader in helping another Jew to earn a livelihood.” They remained at their original bakery.   (Rav Pam, By Rabbi Shimon Finkelman, Published by Artscroll Mesorah)